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Arthur "LowLow" Medina

Photo from Hunter Barnes 2001.jpg

Photo by Hunter Barnes. 

Arthur “Low Low” Medina was born and raised in Chimayo, New Mexico. He started building his first lowrider in the late 1970’s. A 67’ Grand Prix, now called “Little LA”. Low Low and his wife Joan started building lowriders together in the early 1980’s. The first car they modified was a 1957 Chevrolet. They lowered the front, and the back was slammed to the ground with Supremes on 5.20’s. The car was originally turquoise, painted black with a mural on the trunk, pin striped and the windows were painted black. Low Low was always tricking out his cars with a unique style of pin striping, patterns, and murals.

Low Low’s favorite car, “Little LA,” has had three major appearance changes. One of the themes was Elvis Presley with other Hollywood murals covering the car. Low Low is known for creating different types of artworks of religion, lowriders, churches, culture and many other subjects.

“Lowrider Heaven” is a 1976 Cadillac that can be found cruising on Sundays or parked at the Santuario de Chimayo. This car hit the streets in 1985. Little by little religious murals were painted on it. By the early 1990’s, the car was completely covered with the stations of the cross, the last supper and the resurrection. Low Low and Joan continue the lowrider movement in Espanola. Lowrider Day is now Northern New Mexico’s biggest lowrider event which takes place every July at the Plaza de Espanola.

Content gathered, curated, and photos imaged by Andres Valdez and Anamaria Medina.

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