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Key Figures

"Ben Vigil Sr."

Ben Vigil.jpg

Ben Vigil Sr.'s 1950 Chevy Deluxe "Vigilante" is the first car from New Mexico to make the Lowrider Magazine cover page and centerfold in 1980


Ben Vigil Sr. is the first of 3 Generations of Lowrider History,

now going on 4!


Talking about taking it back to the old school days. Check this picture out of Ben Vigil back in the 60's winning best of show with his custom 1957 Chevy. He dominated the 70’s and 80’s with his custom 1956 Ford truck. Next comes the Vigilante, a 1950 Chevy 2 door hardtop which made the July 1985 Lowrider Magazine cover and centerfold. It was also featured in the 1985 Lowrider Magazine calendar.

The first in the state of New Mexico to do that. In 1996 Ben died of a heart attack. His legacy is not over. His son Benny and grandson Benny Jr. have carried the lowrider legacy Ben left behind. Benny redid the 1956 Ford painting it candy apple red. It's been in Lowrider Magazine, Orlie’s Lowriding Magazine and Street Customs Magazine. Benny built a radical lowrider bike (Holy Roller) for his son, which has taken many best of show trophies since the 90s and to this day is still winning at local shows.


Benny states “Lowriding is in our blood and is here to stay for many more generations to come.” When they say that Española is the birthplace of  lowriding, keep Ben in mind, as he was one of the 1st O.G lowriders in the beautiful valley.

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Above pictured is Julian Quintana after completing the upholstery on "Vigilante" in 1983.

Ben Vigil's Vigilante_edited.jpg
Show Winner .Locote._edited.jpg
Ben Vigil Locote 56_edited.jpg

Content gathered, curated, and photos imaged by Andres Valdez  and Anamaria Medina.

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