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Lowrider Fast Facts

*Española has been proclaimed the "Lowrider capital of the world!"


        Lowriders have modified suspension to lay low.

        Lowriders have white wall tires.

        Lowriders have some type of spoked rims.

        Lowriders could have hydraulics or airbags.

        Lowrider cars pre-1955 typically used a steel rim wheeled or                     artillery wheel with white walls and hub caps.


* What to look for in Lowriders: 

        Spoked Wheels and Tires

        Custom Paint and Artwork

        Unique Upholstery



* Features of Lowrider artwork:






        Gold and Silver Leaf

* The first Lowriders were no further from the ground than ONE cigarette packet as it was against the law for them to be any lower.

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