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Mission Statement

The mission of the  Española Lowrider Museum Coalition is to promote lowriders as an important and historically relevant part of Northern New Mexico’s cultural heritage. 

The goals of the Española Lowrider Museum Coalition are to:

* create and maintain a place where the public can learn about the history of lowriders and see and appreciate lowriders and associated memorabilia; 


* sponsor and promote low rider events to encourage ongoing development of lowriders; 


* create and present interpretive exhibits, including exhibitions of art work, that celebrate lowriders and portray them in a positive light; 


* provide opportunities for lowrider enthusiasts to gather and show their vehicles on public roads and in public venues as part of regular “cruises”; 


* collect and preserve photographs, documents, publications, film and other artifacts to create an archive of lowriding; 


* broadly engage the Northern New Mexico community by inviting active participation in the art and craft of making lowriders as a form of creative expression; 


* collaborate with other parts of the arts community to promote the arts, including lowrider art, as a means of building community; 


* integrate activities and plans with economic development initiatives of state, local and nongovernment organizations to help boost locally generated economic activity; 


* generate materials in various media to disseminate, to a diverse audience within and outside of Northern New Mexico, information about lowriders, including news, announcements of events, and publications that document lowrider cars and culture; and to 


* raise funds to support the mission of the lowrider museum coalition and to support other civic activities that encourage the wellbeing of diverse, multigenerational elements of the Northern New Mexico community.

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